Our Mission

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How two iconic brands teamed up to attract a modern young audience

Coca Cola and Regal Entertainment Group were looking for a story that would appeal to today's younger and more diverse audiences. We opted to focus on a red carpet experience that any teenager in the age of social media can relate to and positioned our clients' brands as key to that experience. Our work was featured before every movie on over 8000 Regal Cinema locations across the country and seen by millions of moviegoers.


Our Team

Adam Ouellette

Cinematographer / Founder

Adam is an experienced cinematographer with a background in both fiction and documentary work. He has worked with Discovery, National Geographic, and PBS NOVA. He was a teaching assistant to Oscar-winning cinematographer Russell Carpenter in the ASC Masterclass at Maine Media Workshops, and received the Panavision New Filmmaker Grant for outstanding cinematography. He graduated from The School of Film and Animation at RIT.

Max McGillivray

Featured Director

Max has taught fiction filmmaking at Harvard University's Visual and Environmental Studies program alongside Canadian filmmaker Guy Maddin. He's also worked with Oscar-winning documentarian Errol Morris and Oscar-nominated director/producer Athina Tsangari. Max will receive his MFA from Columbia University's School of the Arts in Screenwriting and Directing. He also likes to collect ties, classic Hawaiian shirts, and the currency of deposed dictators.

Kenrick Prince

Featured Director

Growing up in the Bahamas as queer, Kenrick Prince, now an American political asylee and award winning filmmaker, is living proof that being misunderstood can lead one to discover their identity, art and purpose. Kenrick’s career has led him to work for a myriad of media companies such as Pogo Pictures, Spotco, Oxygen Media at NBC Universal and most recently HBO. His worldview and unique perspective have made him a storyteller whose work provokes thought, sheds light and brings viewers into unexplored worlds.